Day 215. 150 days and $148 left togo.

I'm gonna begin by saying that I found quite the Mother of the Bride dress today friends. Day 215 - Before

Crepe, fluttery sleeves, a little meshing of lace and rhinestones all in one turquoise package. I felt a little like Betty White, I'm not going to lie.

Heart me some Betty!

I love BW, but I'm not a golden girl...yet.

The lace detail, the color, and the rhinestones were the selling point for me, but let's be honest, I didn't need my arm pulled that much. Give me a little sumthin' sumthin' that has luster (beading/sequins/rhinestones are always fab) and I'm usually obsessed at first sight.

There was no way I was going to keep this as a dress, so I got rid of the length immediately!

Won't be confused for a mother of the bride dress any longer...

Phew...we're on the way to Top Town!! My favorite place to stop right after District Dress.

This is what's in my doggie bag!

Because of the crepe material, I needed to hem the bottom of the piece or else it the blouse would be fraying everywhere.

Prepping the frayed bottom for a new hem

I pinned down the edges and sewed them in place with my sewing machine.

The size of the top was still a bit large, but instead of making it tighter by sewing, I just took an elastic straw belt and put it around my waist. I also disliked the sleeves but pushed them up above my elbows to adjust the length. I loved that I could adjust them whether I wanted short sleeves below my shoulders or 3/4 sleeves ending at my wrist.

Day 215 - After

It's hard to even think of what this looked like beforehand! It still had the drape factor going on but I was on board this time. I didn't feel like I had wings anymore.

From the back!!

I'd hardly confuse this for any sort of Mother of the Bride ensemble anymore.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

And you know that my mom got the memo that she's not allowed to wear anything close to this as my wedding. We shook on it, but I don't think she needed her arm pulled either.