Day 216. 149 days and $147 left togo.

Oh, this is a goodie today!! Not sure if I really need to offer an introduction for this one... Day 216 - Before

I really have no words for this...I will just have to relay my questions to "Jennifer" whose name was found on the label inside, however why she tagged it at one point, I honestly have no idea. I truly doubt anybody would mistake this dress for their own.

Anyway, not really into being a part of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tonight and I have no time for clowning around. (Cue clown horn here!)

I'm going to start out by getting rid of this lace nonsense from the sleeves by chopping them in half.

Gotta go time!

I wanted a shorter piece, so I ended up cutting a good foot and a half off from the bottom of the dress...

Later length!

...and got it looking a little like this.

Oh, we're almost there...

You can't tell, but the entire neckline is drawstringed. I was thinking about changing this part, but got to thinking that it could actually work well for the piece with regard to tightening it up and not having to sew too much.

Before we get there, the rest of the lace accent needs to go. (PS, drawstring is on the right!) Grabbed my scissors and began to snip.

Beginning to chop off the lace neck

More snipping ensued and the lace was a goner! I got out my sewing machine and hemmed the bottom of the dress and gave the sleeves a new seam.

Lace be gone!

Just tweaking the last details and wanting to give the dress a little bit of shape, I cut a strip off of the leftover fabric and tied around my waist.

Sash here I come!

I took the drawstrings and pulled them in tight and made a little bow. The dress was ready for my family date night as we headed out to Malibu for a little art action at Madison Gallery.

Day 216 - After

Checking out artist Elijah Blue's collection, we sipped on a little vino and enjoyed some classic people watching that included a gentleman who could have been a serial killer as he wore leather gloves all night (yes, it's July) and Cher (!!) who was channeling her inner Bret Michaels this evening rocking a Thomas Wylde skull printed bandana in her hair with and a Chanel tweed jacket.

Thanks to my dad, you can see how drapey the back of my dress was through the glass, which I loved!

Rear Window

Ooh, and because I don't give my amazing "before shots" photographer DL, who is also my rad brother, enough props I promised I'd include a close up in tonight's post :)

Photog extraordinaire!

Post-gallery action, we walked over to the newly opened Cafe Habana (like the one in NY!) for some awesome eats. I literally can't stop thinking about the ceviche and the face slapping grilled corn (with cotija, chili powder, and lime) and almost passed out from the cheese and chorizo fondue dip below.

Gooey goodness!

Finishing up my margarita, who rolls in but these guys...

Chicago faves John Cusack & Chris Chelios

...John Cusack and Blackhawks' Stanley Cup winner Chris Chelios both in Starter-esque jackets. A fun little sighting as we were awaiting dessert. Chelios didn't roll in with his Stanley Cup bling, but he was representing the Blackhawks on his jacket.

But wait, there's more.

Before I could take a bite of the most ridiculous flan I've ever tasted, I turned to my left and it's these guys...

BFF's Sean Penn & Tim Robbins - courtesy of WireImage

What?!? Meeting up with the table of Chicagoans, these fellas didn't bring their bling either, but had on suit jackets and looked rather similar to the above shot. Nothing puffy for SP and TR tonight.

But wait, there's still more.

Before the most A-list star sighting experience I've ever had comes to a close, the cherry is placed on top of this ridiculously delicious sundae. I see him.

What's the most you've ever lost on a coin toss?

Really, Javier Bardem is part of this crew too? No arm candy (Penelope Cruz) or little gold man for him either, just a night to hang with the dudes.

And yeah, he's even dreamier in person.

I think the fam enjoyed their little night out - I'm just waiting for their Facebook updates tomorrow...

TGIF! Happy 4th of July holiday weekend friends :)