Day 214. 151 days and $149 left to go.

This dress was exactly the same color as my ballet shoes when I was a lass... Pointe Shoes!

I think that was part of the reason that I was drawn to this dress and also the fact that this dress wouldn't give me horrid blisters! It was a light, blushing pink hue which is a shade that I don't tend to go towards because of my über fair skin with pink undertones - I feel like I blend in too much. However today I was ready to try it out!

Day 214 - Before

I loved the cut of the dress at the bottom, how there was a slit all the way up to the waist and the pleats at the chest were fabulous. Wasn't into the sleeves nor the way the top of the dress looked, aside from the pleating, so this is where my abracadabra begins...

Because I wanted to draw attention to the pleats without hacking up the top of the dress, I decided to do a little bit of cinching. I pinched the area of fabric beneath my collarbone and safety pinned it together. I then took some thread to start hand stitching this area together. I'm going for a romantic look emphasizing the pleat detail and by making this cinch, I'm tightening up the top of the dress (just a little) at the same time.


After my hand stitching, I decided to just roll up my sleeves above my elbows. I didn't want to cut them completely off because I liked the way the cuffs looked. They were a little pouffy, which I enjoyed, and it saved me a cutting and stitching step.

I took one of my fave vintage turquoise slips (a classic silk Trina Turk one) and put it on beneath my dress. Slip week continues friends! We're three for three right now! It assisted in being not only a rocking hint of color, but a safety net for the slit action!

Slip Me!

I added one of my favorite, vintage, clunky turquoise necklaces and had the dress good to go!

Day 214 - After

I loved the color blending of the blue with the pink. The turquoise pieces funked it up a bit, and it was a rather simple fix all in all.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up)

Anyone can roll up sleeves, and if you don't have thread or needles in the house, you can definitely just use some safety pins to get the same effect. Easy tweaks that literally everyone can partake in!!