Day 213. 152 days and $150 left togo.

Already I love where today's ends, just by looking at this before pic! I've been plagued with lots o' collar and cuff action as of late...Day 211 was another classic example. What's the dilly, yo? Day 213 - Before

It's totes an early 90s dress that if you ask me was found in the closet of a schoolteacher or that of Catherine O'Hara's character in Home Alone.


So, we're going to definitely get rid of this trim going on - first comes the sleeve trim. Instead of leaving the sleeves and seam ripping the cuffs, we're just gonna cut the puppies in half.


After the sleeves were tweaked, next came that collar.

Really collar??

The seam ripper made an appearance, showed its sharp and shiny face and got busy. The collar came off and the entire neck was free! I stitched new seams on the sleeves as well as tacking down the ends where the collar came out (the collar edge was in between two separate layers of the black fabric, so it had come undone when the seam ripper was doing its magic.) After unbuttoning the buttons to the waist of the dress along with the addition of my dad's fabu bamboo belt and the black slip from yesterday (see, I told you I just might wear it again), I was ready to hit the Arclight for a flick.

Day 213 - After

The lovely S & MR premiered their film they wrote and shot this fall and we all got to celebrate the completion. We wore patterned dresses...

Pattern Sandwich!

...and cocktailed at the after party.

Vino time!

Comfy dress, glass of Tempranillo, and catch up time with friends = the best way to unwind on a Tuesday night!