Day 212. 153 days and $151 left togo.

Just a little floral ditty to kick off the last Monday of June. Can we just take a moment to discuss the fact that it is almost July already? Where did this month go already? It seems like Memorial Day was last week! We do have the 4th to look forward to this weekend, and you know that I'm already getting my ensemble together :) Day 212 - Before

Loved the color and fabric, but boy it was sheer.

See through!!

Definitely couldn't get away without wearing something underneath, but that wasn't the only issue. I didn't like the sleeves or the neckline, so those will definitely be fixed. It's going to look a bit more femme in no time!

I began with the neckline. I trimmed a few inches down the center to open it up a bit.

New neck!

After the trimming, I pinned down each side underneath and sewed it in place.

Going for a V

The sleeves were next. I just got rid of them completely. Was originally thinking about a mini sleeve, but opted to go completely bare. After I trimmed off the sleeves...

Goodbye sleeves

...I stitched down the edging around the armholes so the fabric wouldn't unravel. I tossed on a black slip and grabbed a long bit of maroon ribbon to use as a belt and cinch the waist on my new ensemble.

Day 212 - After

Totally looks different now and all it took was a few easy steps to get there.

Kind of reminds me of this fab 30s sheer piece that I found on Mirror Boutique's site.


Totally not afraid of the completely sheer pieces anymore - with a fab slip (mine even had a built-in bra!) it was like the dress came properly lined. I may just be slipping it again tomorrow!