Day 211. 154 days and $152 left togo.

Sunday's stitching went much better than Saturday' injuries on the board! Woo hoo! Finger is still working :) It's all bandaged up and being given the utmost TLC. I treated it to some Swiss chocolate with hazelnuts which made it very, very happy! Today's piece was pretty pilgram-y when I found it, but those gold-rimmed pearl buttons were just delish.

Day 211 - Before

All the white trim business going on needed to be handled, but this one was definitely salvageable. The sleeves came off first.

Going sleeveless!

Then the second half of the dress came off.

Trimming off the bottom!

And then it looked like this.

We're getting there...

I decided to go in the strapless top direction which meant I had to get rid of that atrosh collar.

No more ring around the collar!

Now there was just a square bit of material left over. I gave the bottom of my new top a new hem and a clean top seam to get rid of the raw edges and then took it in from the back. I gathered the amount of fabric that I had to get rid of and I sewed a vertical seam in the back of the top to make it really fit.

Sewing new seams on my new strapless top!

I cut the excess fabric and almost had a new tube topper.


The last bit of detail was adding the white belt that I crafted and used on Day 167 to give my new tuber a little extra bit of sass. Feels super nautical now and the only thing I'm missing is a yacht.

Day 211 - After

It was a hot day so the extra exposure was perfection. Because of my finger, I had lunch made for me and margaritas mixed too! The best way to spend the Sunday. Ooh, and I totally wore this into the evening because of the heat.

Red eyes to match the red brakelights

It doesn't look any different at night, but I totally look like a little demon in this shot, so I had to include.

And another week begins...

PS, thanks for all the well wishes on my finger too! Made my day reading everyone's comments and it's amazing that I'm not the only one!! I mean it totally sucks, but you feel me...I appreciate all the advice/concern/commiseration. My tetanus shot was taken December of 2007, when I sliced my finger last, so we're all good in the shot department! Will post pics as soon as they're not too icky. Lots of love friends!!