Day 210. 155 days and $153 left togo.

Okey dokes. Before we get into the post, I'm going to let you know that I injured myself today while sewing. Yes, I've had many battle wounds along the way...leaving pins in my completed pieces which jab and stick at the worst (and unexpected) times, tiny burns from ironing-on, pokes from the seam ripper on my fingers...but nothing like today's sitch. I legitimately sewed through my finger with my machine. I know. Absolutely ridiculous. The even more ridiculous part is that I am (and was when it happened) feeling alright - I had more pain when I sliced my finger cutting butternut squash a few years back that brought me to the ER the next day after severe throbbing. Tonight's event, as shocking as it sounds, was way more mild. Anyhoo, we'll get to that in a sec. And, I did actually finish my piece, so I will show you it all and how it all went down... Day 210 - Before

Love, love, loved this fabric when I saw it. It was made of such a soft and luxe material that I needed to grab it before anyone else was able to take it from me. Issue one was the size. Issue two was the clown neck.

I got to seam ripping the accordion-y/pleated material that was around the neck area. It was random and just didn't make any sense, so I took it off.

Gettin rid of that fouffy material!

The next step was taking off the patterned panel at the bottom of the dress. I was going to make it shorter, but this panel was on a seam, so it was easy to just remove. Plus I was going to use it as a belt, which would cinch and ultimately bring it up a bit higher.

Goodbye (for now) trim!

Next step was when my injury occurred. Unforch I don't have any pics sewing the new neck and taking it in, but I do have a pic of the broken needle after it went through my index finger. That little piece at the bottom was stuck in my finger and I had to pull it out, with thread still attached. I know gross, right, but it's shocking how not horrified I was and how I was rather cool, calm and collected.

The weapon!

I cringe during House, so I was beyond surprised I didn't keel over. In my hurrying to get the piece ready for DR's birthday party, I wasn't paying attention or being cautious which led to this finger issue. Friends, please be safe and use me as an example of safety! No need to rush...ever. I was bleeding on the pad of my finger as well as my nail, so my first instinct was to clean up the blood and bandage up, which I did. Check out the band aid action...

Front view

It looked just like ET's finger, no joke. I used two of the knuckled styled ones to patch up my wound.

Back view

You can imagine how difficult it is to type for me, especially when I'm used to using all my fingers on my computer and at least three fingers on my Blackberry (yeah, I have a super weird typing style on my nerd machine).

There was no real throbbing (which I had felt in my last finger issue), I didn't hit a nerve, and there was no pain either which led me to catch my breath, call my parents to make sure I didn't need my finger amputated, and continue on with my night. I will tell you that if something felt bad or weird, I would have most definitely hit up the ER at Cedars Sinai, but it seemed alright. However, I will definitely go at the first sign of uncomfort :)

After all my sewing dramatics, I ended up with this...

Day 210 - After

I think it came out quite well considering...

I enjoyed my water, the M&M's that were there to snack on, and people watching with SPR and MY.

Enjoying the scenery!

Felt like a regular eve until I realized that just a few hours prior, I was acting like Dr. Grey as I extracted a half-broken needle from my finger.

Finger Lickin' Good

Seriously?? Seriously??

I can just see my Olive (as in Oyl) nickname making a comeback. Klutzy McGee Marisa does it again!