Day 209. 156 days and $154 left togo.

It's been a sports week friends - thanks for being patient as I root on my teams - and tonight is going to continue the trend with the Dodgers v. Yankees game at Dodgers Stadium. I'm a New Yorker and I grew up on the Yankees. To see them playing the Dodgers is a super fab treat (FYI - they're in different leagues - American and National, so they don't usually play each other in the regular season) and I'm excited to craft something totally Yankees approved. Day 209 - Before

This, as it is, is not Yankees approved. We'll get it there...

First thing I did was turn the dress to hear percussion...and unbutton the buttons that lined it.

Unbutton the back of the dress

Next was cutting the dress in half. I was going to have two separate pieces after my snipping.

Almost detached!

Lookie here! This is what I was left with, which I will most definitely be using again.

The Leftovers!!

There was this strange lining along with shoulder pads that had to be removed. I cut out the lining and used seam rippers to take out the pads.

That liner needs to go!

Since I was going to use the pinstriped top part of the dress tonight, I wanted to give it a little bit more detail. I decided to pin down both sides between the buttons into a V, to change the neckline. I pinned it down and then sewed.

Foldin' under!

I also sewed the jagged edge at the bottom of my new cover up to make it look nice and clean.

I was thinking about cutting the sleeves shorter, however I was too obsessed with the button detailing at the cuff. Since they could be unbuttoned, I decided to keep the length intact and just roll up the sleeves when I wanted to.

Those buttons!

(Little sidenote...VERY glad I kept the sleeves because it was a chilly night and I didn't bring anything else to stay warm.)

Now my Yankees outfit was complete. I usually root for the home team, however when my home team is in town, I gots to give it up!

Day 209 - After

My first stop was for dinner. Yes, nachos were most definitely my dinner tonight. When in Rome...

Camacho's Nachos!!!

Before I could even dig in, "Hip Hip" Jorge Posada made an RBI single just as the sun was setting.

Sunset & Curtis Granderson up at bat

Of course I was one of the few Yankee fans in my section. Couldn't avoid chants of "Yankees Suck" directed my way, but in the end NY won!

It's one, two, three strikes you're out...

Ooh, and in case you can't see it clearly, here's a close up of the T underneath my newly crafted Yanks pinstripe cover up.

Jeter...shortstop to my heart!

And, I totally had to sneak a pic of the vendor selling CPK pizzas because he looked just like Turtle from Entourage.

Where's Vince?

And as we were walking to the car, I found my new best pal who will totally be on the Yankee roster in 2031.

My new BFF

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)