Day 208. 157 days and $155 left to go.

It's a dress for me on this lovely, full mooned, Thursday eve...hmmm, how did Twilight manage to make that happen just in time for it's release this weekend? Those sneaky vampires :) I went for a hike at dusk and was mesmerized by the city skyline with rainbow-colored smog (yep, that's LA for you) and the moon above me. Next time I will have to tote a camera along with...such a gorgeous way to say goodbye to the sunshine of the day. But, pre-hike and workout clothes, this was my outfit du jour! Day 208 - Before

The top of the dress fit perfectly...I love when that happens. The stretchy black material that made the tank part was just my size...the only thing I took issue with was the rest of it :) Now, I doubt you can tell, but the skirt is quilted. It's thick, long and quilted which is not ideal on a warm sunny day. Adjustments are going to be made.

Finding a dress that fits on the top is awesome, especially if you're a beginner! Just having to focus on the bottom of a dress makes things much easier.

All I'm going to be doing is trimming and making a brand new hem...come take a looksie!

STEP ONE: I wanted to get the right length because it was too long for me right now - I ideally wanted the dress to hit my knees, so I cut off a good eight inches.

Almost knee length!

STEP TWO: Next I folded up and pinned the raw edges - I folded the edge up about a half-inch (so the raw edge was facing up) and then folded again another half-inch so the raw edge was now hidden and pinned the folded edge in place.

Pin that edge! Pin that edge!

STEP THREE: After everything was pinned down, I got to sewing down my new hem. 5/8ths is a traditional allowance for a hem, so that's what I went with. Just look at the measurements to the right of your needle on your sewing machine and use them as guides. Don't feel obligated to use a 5/8ths option - you can use whatever you'd like!

Stitching down my new hem :)

Aside from the über bright photograph (apologies), my newly stitched skirt bottom was complete. I used white thread and you should be able to see it right above the black interior fabric.

New stitched hem!!

STEP FOUR: Grab an awesome belt from your dad's collection (I thought it was my mom's and then when my dad saw me wearing it he said, "I remember that belt! I got two because I liked them so much." Sorry Dad, looks like you're down to one now :)

Hello fab accessory to complete the look!

STEP FIVE: Put that dress on!!

Day 208 - After

With a minor change and a little bit of styling, the dress is lookin' fine!

One more day till the weekend...happy almost Friday!