Day 207. 158 days and $156 left to go.

Today was vuvuzela action in the South Africa stadiums to the Nth degree, that is for sure! Now I didn't wear USA gear during our last game against Slovenia, so I had to bring it today versus Algeria. Bright and early at 7am, I was determined to be dressed in my patriotic gear. I found the perfect dress that I was going to rock into a top for the big, "must win" event. Day 207 - Before

BAM! There was a lot of good going on here, but I just needed to bring it all together in one, lovely package. There was no belt to go in the loops, but that was going to change. Also, I couldn't really wear a dress to cheer on this game. I just know how excited I get and I didn't want to run the risk, just in case, of my skirt ending up over my head during my jumps of excitement, so shirt, here we come.

Now to that belt problem...I had a brilliant idea to use something found on the dress already.


The red trim!!! With some seam rippers, I took off that strip found at the bottom of the dress.

Bye trim!

This was going to be just the thing to cinch the top at my waist. (FYI, I snipped it so there would be two ends to tie...)

Trim necklace!

I trimmed off the length and had my shirt ready for some cheering action!

1/2 off sale!!

Now here's my after pic, that legitimately came after our win. You can tell, as the belt that I tied into a cute bow is Saggy McSaggerstein around my waist. I really, really like though - the red details stand out much more and it's fun now!

Day 207 - After

Here are the action shots I was worried about earlier...




Score that goal LD!!!!

I was a very, very happy girl this morning! Just the thing to get my day going. If only I had a vuvuzela in my hand to use neighbors would have been thrilled I'm sure :)