Day 206. 159 days and $157 left togo.

I'm thoroughly enjoying day two of about the rest of you?? I'm liking not hitting the sweating my face off point yet which will most definitely be seen soon enough :) Going sleeveless with some jeans is the perfect ensemble for today. It begins looking like this... Day 206 - Before

It's a crepe-y, rayon blend that had blue/lavender/grey/purple flowers all over it - I really loved the ruching at the shoulders but in general it was just a bit too frumpy. Because the fabric drapes, it just looked a bit heavy at the sleeves and I wanted to lighten it up.

Because I liked the shoulder ruching, I was going to keep that intact and adjust everything on both sides - neckline and the sleeves.

I wanted to make a V neck to accentuate the shoulders, so I cut down the center of the dress about four inches and tacked each side down (folded under and pinned). I hand sewed each side underneath to make a clean edge for my new V.

Neck Flair!

Next the length got taken away. I trimmed across the skirt leaving it longer at the ends and shorter in the middle (which you'll see closer up in a few pics).

.Top time...because I want to wear jeans today!

Now it's sleeve removing time!!

Sleeve Snippin!

I took scissors and trimmed off one sleeve...

One down, one to go...

...and then the next at the seam of the armhole. Done and done!

Day 206 - After

Hard to really tell here, but this new top is one of my faves - I had to pose in front of one of the numerous motorcycles that were on display, so it's understandable if your attention is on the bike. (I may just wear this again tomorrow after my USA themed piece is worn for the muy importante USA v Algeria game in a few short hours...)

Made a quick stop with some girlfriends to one of Los Angeles' staple sports bars, Barney's Beanery where each table is découpaged with pop culture clippings from Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine covering the past 60 years. I loved where I sat...

Jake, Winona, & Nicole Kidman

I think we spent more time looking at the table (we also found Oksana Baiul!!) and at our private flat screen in our booth that had an episode of MTV's True Life on that documented crazy parents (this ep had parents on who are legit clowns - if you've seen, you know which one I'm talking about!)

Goof show

Oh True never cease to entertain!!