Day 205. 160 days and $158 left togo.

It's the first day of summer! Woo hoo! It wasn't ridiculously hot here in Los Angeles, but I wanted to go bright and sunny, and this piece is just that. Total "It's a Sunshine Day" look today...just call me Marcia Brady. Day 205 - Before

My 60s ensemble was bright for sure - I loved the mix of flowers and the paisley-ish design on the fabric, however it was a bit too long and a little too big on me. Just a few steps today to make it really work and I'm going to show you how to do it without even having to use thread!

First thing to take care of is cutting the puppy short. If you're nervous about cutting, find something cheap to practice on - even just an old T shirt will liberate you after snipping off the sleeves! The more comfortable you feel, the more adventurous you'll become!

Trim time!

Next step is to prep your hem - fold up the raw edges at the bottom of your dress and iron it down.

No Sew Step One!

Next step, get out that mailing tape, take a piece and tack it down. Insta-hem!!

No Sew Step Two!

Now, I ended up taking my dress in a bit and stitching a quick hem on the dress - which will be beneficial at the end of the year when someone else gets this piece :) - but you definitely don't have to. Instead of taking the dress in with a sewing machine, you could always use the extra fabric from the bottom and turn it into a sash to cinch the bigger area. You've got lots of options, so play around!!

I have a great pair of Paige Premium Denim jeans (thank you Buffalo Exchange!) that were just too long for me and because I was impatient and wanted to wear them before I took them to the tailor, I just used duct tape to make the legs shorter. Guess who still is using the tape? works. I just replace it when it begins coming undone or wash them. The best part is that nobody will ever know...unless they're really lookin!

Day 205 - After

Now I'm totally ready to get a football thrown at my nose, go on a date with Harvey Klinger to look at bugs, and become president of the Davy Jones fan club. Happy first official day of summer!!

"Everybody's smiling, sunshine day."