Day 204. 161 days and $159 left to go.

Happy Father's Day to all the amazing dads out there!! I'm lucky enough to have mine close by and today we were going to enjoy some burgers and some delish watermelon-basil margaritas, courtesy of the fab Martha Stewart, to celebrate! Dress choice??

Day 204 - Before

This big nightgown needed a face lift so I'm cutting it short and giving it a little nip/tuck action to make it young and fresh. First thing on the agenda is cutting the fabric out between all the ruffles on the top of the nightgown.

Fabric Removal Time!

I cut the length of the dress off as well - about a foot or so of material got taken off leaving it short and sweet. (PS, I can't wait to use this again later on!!)

Buh-bye extra ruffles!

With the length shortened, I brought it in on both sides about four inches,

New hems!!

I stitched a new hem, and began prepping that area I cut out between the ruffles on top.


I completely took the ruffles off the back, so they were just individual ruffle straps...

Snipping off ruffle trim!

...and began to go the route of halter dress! I sewed down the back of the dress that the ruffles were removed from and brought it in just a smidge more by making a new, vertical seam in the center of the back to make it fitted for my new dress.

The dress was complete for a day of eating, drinking, and vegging with the fam. Like I mentioned before, watermelon basil margies were on the menu, and my job was to muddle the basil with the tequila.

Muddling basil and tequila!!

After a little watermelon blending and pouring into glasses, the drinks were complete!

Day 204 - After

My new halter dress got oodles of compliments and it was totally comfy and breathable to wear on this sunny day. I felt super girly and feminine with all the ruffle action. The back was my fave!

From the back...

I just tied a knot at my neck and let the ruffled straps fall. I honestly forgot what the original looked like after wearing this all day :) The margaritas were delish, spending time with Dad ruled, and enjoying the gorgeous day with fun convos (ie, the discussion of my brother's pastel plaid Easter suit when he was three circa 1988) made for a fabulous day.