Day 203. 162 days and $160 left togo.

I spent oodles of hours on the phone with AT&T trying to figure out why my Blackberry won't send or receive texts or make or receive phone calls in some comftastic lounge pants this morning, so I wanted to get dressed up a bit to leave my house...even if the first place I was going was to the AT&T store in person to change out my SIM card. Day 203 - Before

This dress, which has mini-polka dots all over, is a bit biggish on me and not very flattering. To make it work in these warmish temps there are just three easy things I'm going to do.

First, I cut off about five inches at the bottom of the dress to both shorten and to use as a sash around my waist!

That's my soon-to-be sash!

Second, I took in about three inches on both sides of the dress to tighten it up just a scosh.

Presser foot action

Third, I rolled up the sleeves a bit above my elbow - was going to cut them off but then opted to leave them long in case it got chillier in the day. (It did, so I'm very glad I left the length.)

With the addition of my makeshift sash tied into a pretty lil' bow, I had a brand new dress...

Day 203 - After

Just the thing to wear to the AT&T store to try to get a phone fixed yet deal with four separate employees trying to sell me cable instead. No joke.

From the back

I left with a new SIM card, which they said it would do the trick, and by the time I returned home, I was dealing with the same problem again. At least I felt pretty in my outfit...