Day 202. 163 days and $161 left to go.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I began my day bright and early to catch the USA v. Slovenia World Cup match. This 7am game had me cheering, but honestly I was still in my pajamas :) I didn't have my outfit for the day together until after the final 2-2 score. Don't even get me started with that last goal we scored that got taken away...terrible call ref, terrible call!! I opted to go with a little red, white, & blue today for team spirit anyway.

Day 202 - Before

I didn't even see this until I got home either...


It looked like this guy got a hold of the dress and went to town!!

Turtles in a Half Shell!

I loved the buttons on the left shoulder and that's what got me hooked right away but I had to take care of the rips. No way I was going to leave it looking torn.

I began by cutting off the skirt - I left two inches there (underneath the elastic waist) and cut off everything below.

From dress to top...

It was still a bit too short to wear as it was so I thought I'd make another layer to hang underneath - slightly cha cha and reminiscent of Day 162.

Trimming another strip off the excess

I trimmed off some more fabric to stitch onto the two inches that were already there...

Pin me!

...and pinned them into place before I hand stitched them together. After my stitchfest, I rolled up the sleeves to my elbows and added my jeans to complete my USA themed, red/white/blue outfit.

Day 202 - After

I guess I'll just have to make sure my outfit for the next USA match on Wednesday is ready to go before the game begins.

ECU! (Extreme Close Up!)

I feel like that may assist in rooting on my team and my favorite player, Herculez Gomez.

Hercules!! Hercules!!

And honestly, he's not my fave solely because his name totally rules, he's a pretty awesome forward too.

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)