Day 201. 164 days and $162 left togo.

I wanted to go with something in the purple family to root for the Lakers tonight, (sorry to my Celts fans!!) so when I came across this number I knew it would be just the thing to don during finals week. Aside from the color, I could not stop laughing hysterically and saying OMG over and over, so clearly there was no way I was going to leave the pile sale without purchasing this piece. Why, you may ask? Well just check this puppy out... Day 201 - Before

JUMPSUIT!!!!! Begin laughing now... This was the ultimate 80s find if you ask me. A pantsuit with ridiculously large shoulder pads and pearl embellishments on the top. What's up Dallas!!

Marisa Does Dallas!!

Oh, and did I mention it's stretchy too? Now I loved the retro factor of it, but I couldn't legitimately wear this out of the house as it was. It's not Halloween today, so out came the scissors for some chopping.

Watch out Lohan, I'm going pantsless!!

I cut off both legs to the pantsuit and cut the crotch area as well...

Goodbye crotch!

...and now had a completely open area beneath the gathered waist. I just had to remove those shoulder pads as well. They were literally Shrek-sized, so I had to get rid of them.

These shoulder pads were monsters!!

From where I did all my snipping, I had some serious raw edges at the bottom. I decided to create a new hem and pinned the edges under and sewed them down into place to hide my crazy lady cutting! I think I was just getting a little too excited about the game and my hands were a little shaky - I promise no alcohol was consumed :)

New hem time!

My new top was good and stitched up, but still not completely ready to go. What I did like about the pantsuit was the way the back looked, as it zipped up to the middle of my back and left the top exposed. I decided to turn it around and wear the back in the front. Those pearls were going to be a treat from behind, that's for sure!!

Day 201 - After

I'm actually glad the piece was as stretchy as it was because I was really able to get some good extension to cheer alongside Kobe (or his armpit, rather).

There you are pearls! I loved how it looked from behind, but let me say that it wasn't all that comfortable when I leaned back in my chair :)

From the back!!

The game was a close one and we had fun rooting for our faves as this group was a mix. Nothing beats "Ron Ron" Artest and his hilarious post-game commentary (he thanked his therapist and his hood - if you're curious, CLICK HERE!)

My clapping instruments!!

I had to give him props. He didn't win MVP, but he did fill us in on his new single dropping soon. Hmmm, I think "The Situation" from Jerz Shore may be getting a Ron, I mean run, for his money with some competish on the airwaves.... New singles for everybody this summer! Watch out!!