Day 200. 165 days and $163 left togo.

Day Two Hundy in the house!! Woo hoo!! In celebration of hitting the big, round, number 200, I'm going with sparkles and shine today! I heart me some sequins, and sequins are what's in store today. Ready for some glitz?? Day 200 - Before

Hello metallic, sequined, some sort of top!! Now I did find this at a pile sale and purchased it for a buck solely because the entire thing was covered in round, varied sized sequins. Not until I got home and washed this sucker did I see all the random openings, side slits and holes made on purpose on many of the seams. Take a look for yourself.

Day 200 - Before (Pt. II)

There was also too much of that metallic ribbon hanging around which I needed to get rid of stat. First step, I seam ripped all the ribbon that was draping, hanging, and working as a belt. Off it all went!

Goodbye metallic ribbon!

After removing all the ribbon I began my pinning escapade, let's go, which included me closing up the random holes on the arm seams, the slits on the sides that went from my waist to my hips, and the openings on the bottom of the sleeves with about 60 pins.

Pinning down all the open seams

Out came my sewing machine to really close up shop.

Closing up those openings!

It was all sewn up, however I still wasn't completely thrilled yet. To bring it to the WOW factor I wanted, I cut a line down the center of the piece and stitched under the raw edges.

Center cut please!

Now we were cooking with gas!! My new slightly cardigan/blinged out cover up was ready to be taken to the streets.

Day 200 - After

Well hello spangles!! Chic, shimmery, and shiny describes my new piece as well as how I'm feeling on this lovely Day 200!

A little fist pumping to celebrate...

Well hello, spangles

with some excitement filled jumps...


...that may or may not have included a little bit of Elaine's dance from the J. Peterman office party scene in "The Little Kicks" ep of Seinfeld.

Dancy Elaine Benes!!

It was late, there weren't that many people out, so I went with it. Just call me Marisa Benes.

“…out of nowhere, there’s this lone dancer who appears to be injured.— Jerry

No better way to ring in Day 200!!