Day 197. 168 days and $166 left togo.

So a little thing about me...I love musicals. Like really, really love musicals. A slight musical junkie I'd say. Growing up in NY, I got the theater bug real young. I remember wearing a Lés Miserables T-shirt to my ballet classes... Looked just like this but in heather grey!

...and learned each dance step to "All that Jazz" from Chicago after seeing Bebe Neuwirth rock it in 1996. So you can understand my excitement that I have the Tony Awards as well as tickets to South Pacific to enjoy on this lovely Sunday.

I wanted to do a dress today, so this is what I went with.

Day 197 - Before

The royal blue linen-y material is fabulous and I loved the texture on top, so I wanted to bring that out. First, I took off the sleeves on this vintage I. Magnin dress.

Sleeve Hacking!

After the sleeves were taken off, I cut the length of the dress a bit as well. I definitely wanted to go short, and that is where I am headed!

Go short!

After the scissors went to work I got to pinning down some areas to sew on my sewing machine. I got the bottom ready for a new hem and got the armholes prepped to get rid of the raw edging. Ooh, and a few inches in the body were pinched to tighten up - from the arms to right below my chestal area :)

New shorter bottom!

New dress was ready for the theater!! I stopped for a pic with Los Angeles' City Hall in the background before my mom and I took our seats.

Day 197 - After

Even though "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY" was mentioned before the show began, clearly I shut the flash off at intermission to take a pic from where we were sitting.

Sneaky Pic!

My mom and I were humming "Bali Ha'i" and "Some Enchanted Evening" as we left and I guarantee I'll wake up in the morning with them still stuck in my head. Gotta love Rodgers & Hammerstein!