Day 198. 167 days and $165 left togo.

Tis another muumuu in the house!!! What, what?! This one has a fabu stripe down the center too... Day 198 - Before

I'm going to keep it a dress, but I've got a little work to do!

I grabbed my scissors and cut a two inch strip off of the bottom which I shall be wrapping around my waist in just a few :)

Using the bottom strip of fabric as a sash!

I loved that the cuffs were big, but I didn't like that the whole arm was huge. I took the sleeves in a bit and kept the length at my wrist, but tightened it up as it got closer to my body.

Stitch that sleeve!

After the sleeves were taken in, I took in the body of the dress as well.

New seams!!

My next to last step was fixing the collar. There was a zipper down the middle of the dress and I didn't have any intention of actually using it, so I unzipped it to where I wanted my neckline to be and sewed it in place.


Ooh, and that sash...

Tie it on!

Tossed it around my waist and was out the door.

Day 198 - After

So, I gots my summery dress on for an 80 degree Monday!! I have to say, it was such a comfy piece to wear all day. House dress turned out and about dress = feels like going about my day in pajamas, and I LOVE pajamas.

ECU!! (Extreme Close Up!)

After some catch up time with my MK, I not so secretly went home to do some Bachelorette action. I was hand sewing on the couch as I was watching this evening's ep. I won't give any spoilers in case any of you who do watch still have it on your TiVo, but all that singing...I mean.

Kasey with a K

The worst part was that he thought he was awesome!! Unfortch Kasey, you're a bit tone deaf...and that's no way to woo a lady!