Day 196. 169 days and $167 left togo.

This kind of reminded me of a "performance dress" or something a featured female singer in a choir would be dressed in. Day 196 - Before

I found this dress as an example...

Sing, sing a song...

I mean, it's not exact, but you get the idea - the straight neckline, the thick polyester material...I wasn't going to be doing any sort of vocal performance so I wanted to head in a different direction. Honestly, the only public singing I do is when Glee is on and I'm watching with friends.

Look at all the spots on the bottom of the dress! It looks like it could have been oil or grease from a pizza if you ask me. I'm guessing whoever wore this long before me was either enjoying a picnic or using the dress as a napkin.

Spot City!

I got to cutting about half of the dress off. No more spots. No more dress.

Cutting the bottom

I then trimmed about three inches into the top of the dress as I was getting it ready to turn it into a V neck. I think that I hated the neckline the most on this dress and needed to change it up.

Slit down the center

After cutting, I sewed a new seam at the neck and then brought the dress in on both sides a few inches. It was baggy and loose so I wanted to adjust it just a bit.

Also, the drapey fabric from the sleeves went all the way around the dress like a mini cape. Didn't want to rock the Superman vibe tonight, so I gathered the fabric cape and took a ponytail holder to secure all the fabric together.

Gather & Secure!

The last thing I did was use some the excess material to create a belt to go along with my new top for an extra bit of cinching. I put it around my waist, made a knot in the back and was finito with my piece!

My new shirt was ready for the evening (PS, it had pockets too!) and I couldn't think of a better spot to take my after pic than in front of this mural by the parking structure where I left my vehicle.

Day 196 - After

I was rather impressed by the tattoo that the artist so strategically placed on this woman...lots of thought went into this mural, lots of thought :) My night brought me to a little 30th birthday celebration where a little bit of Prince mixed with a little bit of N.E.R.D was being spun by the DJ. It was just the blend of tunes to get me bouncing on the dance floor underneath the disco ball.

Dancing, dancing, dancing!!

And in case I forgot or didn't realize where I was, there was a handy reminder above. So thoughtful of you bar, so thoughtful.