Day 195. 170 days and $168 left togo.

It was a boho Friday for me today! Something about the sun being out and shining that made me want to go with a light and floraly palette. This piece was going to be it. Peachy keen, check it! Day 195 - Before

Slightly prairie-ish but it was an awesome piece to work with. Just a little hiking up, some sleeve removal and a new neckline and I was going to be strumming away on my guitar wearing my cowboy boots. OK, well maybe no guitar strumming (don't actually play guitar) or cowboy boots (have some, but it's a little too warm), but you get the idea.

I began by taking off the sleeves - grabbed my seam ripper and removed both of them.

Taking off the sleeves!

Next came the neckline - with the sleeves saying buh-bye, I wanted to open it up a bit, so I cut two strips down the center of the dress to where the seam was. I folded it under and pinned it in place to be sewn.

Two slits down the center

With the sleeves gone, I pinned under the raw edges of my new arm holes and prepped them for sewing.

Sleeveless time!

My final step was taking off the last layer of fabric at the bottom of the dress. I LOVE long dresses, but this hit me at mid-calf and that's not a length I'm happy with :( Hiking up time was in session!

Ripping off the bottom layer

After all the prep work, the sewing machine was turned on and sleeves were stitched up, hems were made at the bottom of the dress and necklines were opened.

New hem time!

My new boho ensemble with the addition of my vintage belt was ready for action.

Day 195 - After

You know I actually didn't mind running the few errands that I had been pushing off just to get to take in the sun! The post office, even with just two of seven tellers working at lunchtime, was a joy. I know, it shocked me too.

So before I say good night, the final pic of the post...the one that accidentally got taken but secretly was my favorite of the batch.

Accidental Shot!

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)