Day 194. 171 days and $169 left togo.

It's a dress day today friends!! Workin' the stripes..."Yipes, Stripes, Fruit Stripe Gum" style stripes. A little red and a little purple stripe-age action which totally happen to be my favorite fruity cherry and grape flavors also. I saw the potential in this immediately, so I grabbed it. Day 194 - Before

I loved the top as it was a stretchy cotton fabric and the skirt was easy, breezy with some rockstar pockets! I just wasn't digging the length for either part of it. Before we get to shortening, first thing's first...shoulder pads out!!

Velcro Pads!!

Luckily for me these pads were attached with velcro, so I didn't even need to get out my seam ripper to take them out.

Next comes the shortening and I don't mean the Crisco kind. I grabbed some scissors and began to cut about five inches away from the bottom. I wanted it to fall a little above my knees, so this was going to be the perfect length.

Trim Time!!

Now that the skirt was at my ideal length, I had to take care of the sleeves. Short sleevies, here we come! I cut off about 30 stripes (close to about a foot of fabric)...

Trim Time Continues!!

...and then played with the excess.

Hmmmm...arm gear??

This is just a skosh of what you guys miss not actually being around me as I do this...I got up and did a little dance too, however that picture did not make it to print.

Next, the raw edges of the sleeves got pinned under and got treated to a brand new, stitched edge. My dress was now ready to go!

Day 194 - After

With the addition of my vintage belt, my newly shortened ensemble was ready for its' closeup in front of the marquis. It had a similar feel to the UK brand Iska's version...

Stripes by Iska

...except mine was a fraction of the cost. The above piece was 40 pounds and I was trying to currency convert in my head how much I saved for a minute...

Pensive M

...but then my glass of wine arrived :)