Day 191. 174 days and $172 left to go.

Today is making me a happy gal...wanna know why?? Well, the piece du jour isn't costing me a cent because we're taking a little trip back a few weeks and using some excess materials from Day 170? Woo hoo!! Refresher pic below! Day 191 - Before

The outcome looked like this...

My day 171 after pic!

And I was left with this...


I decided to take it in a direction that would not have me wearing it at my hips, so we're going strapless again today!!

First I took it up from the bottom - I wanted it to hit a little below my waist, so I pinned it at exactly the length I wanted and then sewed away.

New hem time!!

Then I grabbed some ivory thread and hand stitched down the raw edges that were leftover after cutting the dress in halfsies on Day 170 :)

Hand stitchin'!

My final tweak was the addition of one of my fave vintage brooches - I heart the Rose Bowl flea market for giving me many gems to add to my collection! It glammed it up a bit and gave an extra hand in assisting to keep the elastic from dipping too low!

Brooch cinching!

And the outcome?

Day 191 - After

I must say that I'm super excited to have gotten two awesome pieces out of one frockalicious dress!!

And for all of you who had a little soft spot for the fishies from yesterday...

Under the Sea!!

Guess what?! They're swimming upstream! Because of all your awesome comments and feedback to "Save the Fish" I will be doing just that. They will be coming back very, very soon!!