Day 190. 175 days and $172 left togo.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been highly obsessed with the NBA finals. Love meeting up with friends post-work to catch the games...happy hour Stellas, attractive eye candy (both on the screen and at the bar) and trash talking with opposing fans. I'm a New Yorker and the Knicks have always been my team, but unfortunately they're never anywhere to be found during finals :) So, I'm rooting for my current home team, the Lakers, to kick some Celtics tush. Today's outfit...couldn't be more perfect!!

Day 190 - Before

Well except for the embroidered aquarium at the bottom.

Need to desperately get rid of the fish ish before I can wear this out in public. Especially in a basketball watching venue.

Later Fishies!

I got out my scissors and got to chopping away...

Goodbye swishy friends!

These fish will have to swim in another pond from now on. After the cutting, I pinned the raw edges under and gave my new top a new hem. It's show time, Lake Show time!!

Day 190 - After

My purple and gold trimmed top looks like it was made to root on the Lakers. Billowy and comfy for game day activities (eating/jumping up and down after Pau Gasol's ridiculous baskets/enjoying cold beers) in 85 degree weather.

High five time!!

Thanks for the pep talk Coach Jackson!

Even though the Celts took the win tonight, game three is right around the corner.