Day 192. 173 days and $171 left togo.

I loved the color palette when I found this dress. Albeit a little big on me, the blues, pinks and reds just popped out. And, I must be honest - this color blue is not one I usually go for. I love navy and royal shades, but I don't tend to go in this direction so I was excited to take it on! Day 192 - Before

The print was super bubble gummy and it totally reminded me of this...

Mr. Bubble!!

I haven't actually seen a Mr. Bubble product in ages, but for some reason this immediately came to mind!

I began by taking the sleeves off the dress. My seam ripper began the process and then I just ripped the rest off with my bare hands! GRRR!!

Seam ripping sleeve time!

I cut about six inches off the bottom of the dress...

Cut, cut, cut!

...and pinned the raw edges under to create a new hem.

Prepping my new hem!

After pinning my new sleeveless sleeves and taking the dress in a couple of inches on both sides, I got out my BFF and got to stitching.

Stitch time!

I sewed my hem at the bottom and got my new piece all fitted. Threw on a hat, let the locks down and had a top ready for the warm day.

Day 192 - After

My new tank not only fit me nicely, it offered breezes under my arms that made driving in my hot car all day rather bearable. I'm one of those gals who totes deodorant in the purse, and for those gals who feel me, you know how lovely these breezes are...

ECU! (Extreme Close-Up!)

I could totally pass for Mr. Bubble now. If only Halloween were today :)