Day 189. 176 days and $173 lefttogo.

The dress I came across today screamed Miami, lanai's, palm trees, and ultimately The Golden Girls... Day 189 - Before my piece for the day is a little homage to the wickedly fabulous Rue McClanahan.

One classy broad!

To get it a bit sassier (and to make Blanche proud) there were some key moves that needed to take place - the tears on the seams were unacceptable!

Holes Galore!

First the sleeves and about nine inches of the length got cut off.

Later Sleeves!

Next I pinned the dress on myself to see how much needed to be taken in and got to stitching!!

Tightening up this puppy!!

As you can see there were pockets that I decided to eliminate completely. (I know, I'm slightly shocked too!) I took it in on both sides to make it fit me better and that also took care of the hole issue above. New seams = no more hole-age :) Woo hoo!

Had to give the bottom of the dress a new hem...

New Hem!

...and then cut a panel from the excess fabric I was left with to make a matching sash for my waist!

Hello new sash!

And the finished product?

Day 189 - After

Short and sweet. I think Miss Devereaux would have been proud! I threw on my pink plastic & gold framed vintage shades with my new dress ready for 6151 Richmond Street with Blanche, Rose, Dorothy and Sophia. Instead of a trip to Miami, I stayed local but enjoyed the sun nonetheless.

Spa water at a BBQ? JS rules!

A little grilling, catching up, picture-taking, and beveraging was enjoyed on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Clearly I enjoyed the grilling the most :)

Oh my ribs!!

"Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go take a long, hot, steamy bath, with just enough water to barely cover my perky bosoms."

She was a friend indeed...Blanche Devereaux will forever be in our hearts.