Day 188. 177 days and $174 left to go.

OK, when I found this piece I actually laughed out loud. Let me know your thoughts... Day 188 - Before

It reminded me of Smurfette...


However Smurfette looked chic-er than me!

The turquoise skirt and shoulder patches with the rainbow stripes on the white fabric - definitely enough for me to throw it in my bag after a little giggling. I was determined to make it chic. Let's go...

I hated the drapey fabric, so that was the first step in my recrafting. I used my seam ripper to remove it from the dress.

Later drapy neck!

After removing, I was left with a natural V-neck which I got really excited about.

The next step was getting rid of the length which meant adios turquoise material!

Later turquoise skirt!

Also, the belt loops were snipped off.

Later belt loops!

I'm guessing there was a turquoise fabric belt that originally came with this puppy, but I had no interest in trying to recreate that. It's beltless for me today :)

Next came the taking in. I decided to do it from the front as well as the back because it was rather large and super baggy. My new neckline had to have its' raw edges stitched down and after that I brought it in a few inches.

Taking in from the front

I went to the back next and took the piece in a few inches more. It was now fitting me perfectly, with vertical seams down the front and back.

Taking in from the back

The final product...

Day 188 - After

I definitely don't feel like a cartoon anymore!

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)