Day 185. 180 days and $177 left togo.

Please Hammer, don't hurt em. Tis the theme for the day. Why you may ask? Check out the below. Day 185 - Before

I loved the floral fabric and the color palette, but seriously? I look just like him!!!

I told you homeboy. U can't touch this.

"Yo, sound the bells, school is in, sucka...U can't touch this." Sorry Hammer, but I am definitely touching this. This is going from legwear to something completely different.

I turned the pants around and undid the seam from the waist to the crotch area which would become my new collar.

Later seams....

Next came the transition of the pants legs into sleeves!

Pin the pants cuff

Pin then stitch. Pin then stitch. I stitched the cuff to make it fit tighter against my arms. Now these Hammer pants are "hyped and tight, singers are sweating so pass them a wipe" and ready for my arms.

Day 185 - After

Hello new capelet! Paired with my black tank and jeans, this was just the right amount of chic to add to the rest of my comf ensemble. "Fresh new kicks and pants, you got it like that now you know you wanna dance."

Day 185 - After (from the back)

The fresh and the new part is on point, MC. Thanks for the inspiration today.

"Yo, we outta here, can't touch this."