Day 186. 179 days and $176 left togo.

Well I do declare! I felt like a true southern belle in my before pic...if I only had a big hat to don as well, then I'd be straight outta Gone With the Wind. Day 186 - Before

I loved the fabric, but it was a bit too dowdy as it stood, so I opted to cut the whole piece in half.

Splitting the dress into two!

Today I was going to focus on the top half, but the bottom half will definitely be showing up again very, very soon! I got my scissors out and trimmed off the skirt part of this wrap dress.

After the two pieces were separated, I pinned the raw edges down on my new bolero-y top...


...and got to sewing. After the new hem was created, I paired my creation with a turquoise tank and some jeans and was ready for the warm, sunny day.

Day 186 - After

Clearly a wish was made in the above fountain, but I have to keep that a secret :)

Day 186 - After (from the back!)

I thought my new piece was springy and fun and the lace trim didn't bother me as much anymore, thanks to its' removal from all the ruffles. After running late and missing my gals for a little movie night action, I met up for a glass of vino with another friend.

Compliments to the Chef!

My friend was not Mark Peel, chef extraordinaire above, however he did come out to say hello (and take a picture) as we sipped away at his lovely restaurant Campanile.

Coming from a girl who is a total foodie and obsessed with the Food Network and this was the perfect end to my evening. Actually, my evening ended when I got home and watched this week's episode of Top Chef Masters, but you get the gist.