Day 184. 181 days and $178 left togo.

It's been an eventful holiday weekend and today was the perfect, veg-full, sunny, warm-until-the-sun-went-down day! PS, I don't know about the rest of you but I literally couldn't get it straight that it wasn't Sunday - this always happens on these long weekends and I get totally skewed. I am fully clear that tomorrow is Tuesday though and my alarm has been rightfully set for the proper time in the am :) It began with this...

Day 184 - Before

l honestly chose this because of what I wanted it to look like at the end (STRAPLESS!!) but I think it may have helped the Duke lacrosse team, including my awesome cousin Mike, secure a win in this year's NCAA competish against Notre Dame. Team colors in the house...albeit a minor fluke :)

Day 184 - Take Two!

OK, so there was a lot of fixin' that needed to be done. First I snipped off both sleeves.

Cut the sleeves!!

Next the rest of the dress needed to be taken in. I began pinning all the way from the top of the dress to the very bottom...


...and then got on the sewing machine to stitch it up. After stitching, I trimmed off the excess and used half of that material as a belt around my waist and the other half as a bow that I tied onto the belt.

Day 184 - After

There's nothing like the backdrop of Los Angeles to take my after pic in front of. Spending the late afternoon bbq-ing on the rooftop of LG's building was exactly the thing to close the long weekend out.

Before the cheeseburger and chicken sausage action, my favorite pic of the day was shot by KK during the magic hour.

Magic Hour!

And post magic hour came sleepy time hour where I made my way to the most comfy chair on the roof that I just sunk into with my matching cup...

Matchy, matchy!

...and watched the sun set into the hills. A most blissful day :)

And scene.

Love to all the past and present service men and women out there :) Happy Memorial Day!