Day 180. 185 days and $182 left togo.

Today I went with dots... Day 180 - Before

...well a lot of dots, actually. Not until I got this home did I really think how similar I looked to the below as I was taking my before pic.


Yep, this dress screamed Minnie Mouse and I wanted to get as far away from that picture as possible. Once I saw the connection, I couldn't get it out of my mind.

My first step was shortening up the dress.

Getting rid of the length

I cut off eight inches of length that turned the dress into a top in seconds. I next brought the top in a smidge just to make it a bit more fitted.

The most important tweak were these...

Shoulder Pads!!!!

The shoulder pads HAD to be removed. The sleeves were already ruched, so there was no extra need to emphasize the pouffiness of them.

And the outcome...

Day 180 - After

Perfectly, non-Disney seeming top to go on top of my skinny jeans, rope belt and sandals.

An eve with the ladies that began in one spot...

Happy Hour!!

...and brought us to another where a crazy tower of Stella Artois made an appearance.

Tower O'Beer!

That's kinda what you do when the big holiday weekend is within arms reach, right? Memorial Day is almost here, I can just taste it! That and well, the Stella too.