Day 179. 186 days and $183 left to go.

Happy Humpday!! This one happens to be of my favorites because it falls in a week holding a three-day weekend!! Woo hoo! Just another step closer to Memorial Day which is the unofficial/official kickoff to the summer, right? This gal couldn't be happier. Beach, here I come!! Day 179 - Before

This dress was Frumpy McFrumperstein when I came across it. I loved the black/pink blend, along with the pleated skirt but there was just no shape. My first step was taking in the top. I pinned down the areas that I was going to stitch over...


...and then did the same with the waist and skirt. I plugged in my sewing machine and got to making some new hems! I then took the extra fabric that I cut off and created a little belt to wear around my waist.

Belt Me!!

I cut a rectangle in the pleated fabric and then attached two strips of the smoother fabric from the top of the dress on each side as the ties. Quick, makeshift belt action? Why yes. And now my dress is complete.

Day 179 - After

And, I was totally reminded of two lovely dresses I came across at Urban Outfitters...

This one has a super similar floral pattern and color scheme ($48 @ Urban)

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

& this one has the overall shape. ($78 @ Urban)

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

I have to say, the neck and slight cap-ness of the sleeves on this one are super similar. See...

ECU! (Extreme Close-Up)

I would have hands down, tried both of these on during one of my Urban stops. Urban happens to be three short blocks away and conveniently enough it's located across the street from "my" Starbucks. Tend to frequent the spot often for inspiration and iced coffees :) Luckily today, I can skate away feeling that my version came pretty close to these puppies and I only spent un dólar!!

Weekend is within arm's reach. I can already smell the bbq's.