Day 181. 184 days and $181 left togo.

Happy long weekend friends!! Whether you're leaving town or staying local, I hope that there are bbq's, pool action and movie seeing a-plenty :) Today's number falls into that last one. Day 181 - Before

Yep, that's just a basic tee you see there. Found it in a pile of threads for $1. You may be asking where I'm taking this, honor of Carrie Bradshaw's return to the big screen, we're going to do a little Sex & the City 2 recreation action today. Carrie's version costs a few hundred and mine, well, you know my budget.

"Hello, Lover."

Oui, oui!

We start with the Pirelli logoed T. Three cheers for Italian tires!

Insert Logo Here

Instead of copying Carrie's shirt verbatim, we're going to go another route. This other route begins with some of my favorite things...

Love me some iron-on letters!

...Iron-on letters!! I cut out nine letters to create my new logo to place on the front of the T. I put one of the letters on top of the Pirelli to hide as much of it as possible.

Plug in the iron

I decided to do a little "I LOVE DIOR" translation myself. Even though I took French in high school and two semesters in college (those were more like Franglais classes thanks to our fab professor Simon from Wales who took us out for margaritas on Cinco de Mayo freshman year), I was inspired by the Pirelli and went the Italiano route.

Si Si!

I love Dior too, just like CB.

Day 181 - After

Nothing better than ringing in the three-day weekend with my chic gal DR. And, you saw that beer tower of Stella yesterday...the only thing Carrie-ish about me tonight is my outfit. Negativo on the martini front.

Amo il Dior

For all the SATC fans out there...I'll leave you with one of my favorites.

"I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love. And I don't think that love is here in this expensive suite in this lovely hotel in Paris." -Carrie Bradshaw

Swoon. TGIF! Happy Memorial Day weekend friends :)

*And now to the GIVEAWAY...

I was so completely blown away from all of your ridiculously amazing comments. I am honored to have such awesome readers out there - the giveaways will be happening on a more frequent basis from here on out because I want you all to get something! Now, I know I said that I had three totes, but in looking at the excess material from that vest...I'm gonna rock out a fourth.

One more tote!

There will be a frog/panda one to add to the batch as well, so I got to pull four winners numbers from The lucky four are - JANE, MANDY, BROOKE F, & MEGAN. Thanks to everyone for entering...I'm already planning the next giveaway, so stay tuned! xx Marisa