Day 178. 187 days and $184 left togo.

The muumuu is back!! I know you were all waiting for its' return :) A little comfy muumuu action, some bball, and Glee are the only things on my agenda. Didn't realize how much off sched I was from staying up way past my bedtime Losting on Sunday night. I'm still catching up on veg/sleep/naps from the "I can count on my one hand how much I slept before my alarm went off and it's not higher than three" evening. Yesterday I was a zombie with caffeine overload, so this was the perfect outfit to lay low and recover. I had a date with my couch tonight and literally nothing sounded better. Day 178 - Before

So red was on the clearly on the mind today as those Vocal Adrenaline-ers on GLEE were all about it too.

Vocal Adrenaline!!

Loved the Gaga inspiration and that they copied her red chantilly lace get up from the MTV Video Music Awards.


No lace for me today, but the red in full force. It's more like Ga. Ga. Muu. La. La. Ga. Ga. Muu. La. La. :)

The length was the first part to go...

Cutting the length off

Trimmed off about seven inches of length and gave the p-p-p-puppy, p-p-puppy a new hem.

Pinned edges waiting to be sewn

Now there was already a lovely hole found on the seam underneath the arms, so I just decided to go with it. Off with the sleeves!!

That hole came with the dress :)

After they were gone, I pinned down all the new raw edges and sewed them in place.

Detatch time!

This one today got turned into a chic shoulderless number that perhaps Lady Gaga would have been proud of.

Day 178 - After

She'd however demand that I cover my head in an iceberg,

No global warming on Gaga's head!

some sort of metallic orb,

The ultimate head gear!

or a silver lobster.

Shiny Shellfish!

Now sing with me! Ga. Ga. Muu. La. La. Ga. Ga. Muu. La. La.