Day 177. 188 days and $185 left togo.

The first day back post-LOST Week, and I'm still trying to get my bearings. Was looking at a potential camouflage dress for today and then decided to go with something as girly as possible instead. I grabbed something in the sheer and lacy department that looked like it could have gone on top of a petticoat. Day 177 - Before

It also could have also been Venus Williams' other French Open ensemble as she was going the lacy and sheer route too this weekend.

V Dubs!

The only difference was that I was not planning/trying/anticipating/thinking of going out in public wearing the green sheerness with a nude cami underneath.

First plan of attack was bringing the top in a bit on each side. It was a bit too large and flowy even for my tastes :)

Tweak the sides

After taking the sides in, the loosening of the neck came next. It was a bit tight and super fitted and I definitely needed some breathing room...

Widening the neckline

...especially if I was going to be wearing a tank underneath for proper coverage (yes, I get you were going with the French/Moulin Rouge vibe because you're playing in France Venus, however quel dommage!)

After a few small tweaks, my green top was ready to meet up with friends over $3 pints and NBA finals action. I put a white tank on underneath the blouson, threw on my fave vintage belt, my Newsies cap and some jeans and it Orlando Magically transformed into sports bar suitable.

Day 177 - After

Now I'm not usually rooting for the Boston boys (this gal is a New Yorker and a Knicks fan despite their losing tendencies) however tonight, I did my girl NK a solid and donned the green.

Green Team!

Now it didn't help at the end of the day, or game rather, however the Celts'll be back in a day to take the series from the Florida Magicians. Don't you worry NK, don't you worry.