Day 176. 189 days and $186 left togo.

LOST WEEK!! It's Day Six - the final day of LOST Week is here. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I heard "previously on LOST" for the last time this evening. Whew, still hasn't hit me yet. Don't spoilers ahead - I'm still trying to take in the two and a half hours :)

It's Sawyer's last day on the job, so he's already in vacation mode.

Sawyer in a dark denim shirt plus accessories

My final LOST Week look begins here...

Day 176 - Before

Day 176 - Before (from the back)

Yeah, this piece is rather ridiculous. So how exactly does this tie in to LOST??

Smoke Monster!

BAM! The Smoke Monster. Yep, this vest with the reptiles and animals on the back of it had one in particular that looked like the infamous Smoke Monster. I'm going to take this vest apart and add the patch to a tank for my Series Finale ensemble.

First, it's time for breakdown!

The vest innards!

After ripping apart the vest, I was left with the patches from the back. The one I'm using is the top right...

Seam ripped the patches off the back!

Now sewing this patch onto a white tank just wasn't going to be enough for me. I needed to do a little somethin' somethin'. I took a cue from Day 43 and got out the iron-on letters!!

Placing my seven letters down!

I grabbed the letters to form two words and placed them on the back of the shirt. Got out the iron and began to press the letters down.

Iron On 2 (sans Robert Downey Jr.)

Post my ironing, I took the patch and pinned it to the front of the tank (which, PS, I took from my stash of more than I need Hanes tanks in my top drawer) and got to sewing.

Sewing on my patch!

My Smoke Monster tank is all ready for some epic television watching.

The Series Finale (and yes, that is the Donald in the top corner, as yes, I Tivoed Celebrity Apprentice as well :)

Day 176 - After

Because the pic of Sawyer above wasn't going to be enough for the last day...

Call me freckles anytime Sawyer!

One more time, right?

I still don't really have words about the episode...beautiful, sad, romantic, settling, unsettling, elegant... There will be more as the discussions/chit-chat/rewatching/reading come up beginning tomorrow. Some may have liked and some may have not, but at the end of the day, we all GOT LOST :)

Time to GET LOST!

"I'll see you in another life brotha."

Six days down. And then there were none...single tear.

Since I can't toss the three leftover patches into my shoulder pad container I'm givin' em away! I stitched each one onto a tote bag and they're up for grabs!


Leave a comment below (include your email!) and I'll be picking three winners (via this Friday, 5/28. Lizards, scorpions and caterpillars oh my!