Day 175. 190 days and $187 left to go.

LOST WEEK!! It's Day Five of LOST Week and just one more to go. OMG, OMG...less than 24 hours till the finale!!

And in his second to last outfit, Sawyer decided on this for today.

Sawyer in a black button down

It's black. It's slimming. I totally understand. Black is usually my goto, however I don't usually unbutton that far. Me on the other hand, this is what was up my sleeve for today.

Day 175 - Before

Now six years of LOST...we've been spending lots of time on this island and that's where this outfit comes into play. It's sunny, there's a beach, you get your fill of Vitamin D...amongst other things. But for the most part, you're on what looks exactly like Oahu, HI and that is in part because the show is shot there.

A shirt full of palm trees, gorgeous tropical flowers, sun and an ocean? This shirt that looks like my dream vacation while at the same time looks just like what we've spent six years watching. If only a VW van, Dharma Initiative jumpsuits...


...a DS ring, holes in the ground, hydrogen bombs, and a hatch were also found on this shirt, then this would really be made just for us LOSTies. Still trying to grasp the fact that we're a day away. Y'all feeling the craziness too?

Now I wasn't going to leave the tropical shirt as it was. If I were, I'd be channeling this guy more than LOST.

Magnum PI!!

Nope, not today friends!

My first step in the tweaking process was taking off the sleeves.

Later sleeves!

Post sleeve trimming, I turned the shirt upside down and cut off the collar. I pinned those raw edges down and sewed a hem at the new bottom of my shirt. I'm going the strapless route now friends! It's warm today, so why not?

As this is going to be my new tube-ish top of sorts, I'm thinking about making the top of the piece work with a drawstring - the drawstring is going to be crafted from the excess material sewn into a mini sash to keep the top from collapsing.


Thanks to bamboo sticks that I've held onto for smores evenings, the excess fabric sash used as the drawstring was set through the seam that was already in place.

Almost done!!

Now, this shirt is pretty much ready to wear. I must say, thank goodness for the drawstring or this shirt would have been falling down like no other.

Day 175 - After

I gathered it around my boobs and there was no place my new shirt was going to be going.

I mean, it does make me crave a little vaca, as well as blended umbrella drinks and some Kalua pig I'll be honest.

Five days down. And then there was one...