Day 174. 191 days and $188 left togo.

LOST WEEK!! It’s Day Four of LOST Week and just two more to go. It's getting close!!!

Before we get down to business, I'm sure you want to see what Sawyer is donning today...

Sawyer in a striped button down

It was sunny, he went with some lightly colored stripes. I get it - I went with pastels too.

Today we begin here…

Day 174 - Before

For you Losties, you know exactly who I'm channeling today.

Jack (Matthew Fox) doctoring away

For you non-Losties, you may be thinking more along these lines.

Grey as in Meredith

It's totally cool - both TV doctors are found on ABC...but I must say, Jack Shepherd has been super awesome lately. Anyone in cahoots with me? Also, anyone catch the stamp above the pocket?

Hmmm, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Resembles the below much???

Dharma Initiative!!

My thoughts exactly :)

I wanted to make the top look less like scrubs, so I began by cutting off the sleeves.

Sleeve trimming!

After cutting the sleeves off, I trimmed off about another inch to create new arm holes.

Stitching up those raw edges around my new armhole!

I also wanted the top to form more of a tank look, so I made it a bit more fitted.

Day 174 - After

Love my Jack inspired piece. I really feel doctory, just like Shepherd - the only difference is, is that the doctor I play on TV would totally be an ER pediatrician just like my favorite TV doctor ever.

The ultimate McDreamy. Doug Ross.

I'll leave the spinal expertise to Shep. Operating on Linus and John Locke? No thanks. Too much pressure.


Four days down. And then there were two.