Day 173. 192 days and $189 left togo.

LOST WEEK!! It's Day Three of LOST Week and just three more to go. Happy Humpday everyone!! We're halfway there.

Sawyer is gracing us with his presence in this...

Sawyer in a dirty grey T

He even comes prepared with a knife to protect us from those wild boars and polar sweet, right?

Today we begin here...

Day 173 - Before

And my inspiration...

Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) in his pilot gear!

LAPIDUS!! Frank. Lapidus. He is my favorite television pilot right now. That's right, later Bachelor Jake...

I fly planes. I like roses.

I'd rather be on a plane flown by Lapidus, even if that means crashing onto a crazy island.

The original shirt had a "I'm your captain"/Love Boat-y vibe, don't cha think?

Call me Captain!

Such a cute headshot of Capt. Merrill Stubing, but this is LOST week, not THE LOVE BOAT week. (And to be completely honest, I've only seen a couple of full episodes of TLB...only really remember Julie, the Cruise Director. Clearly, you can see where my head is at. I can remember the one who plans the party.)

The first thing I had to do was remove the KAWASAKI embroidered on top of the pocket.


Unless I was going to be flying one of these...

Kawasaki Ninja

...the Kawasaki had to go.

Seam ripped out the ASAKI!

After the red letters were removed, I removed the two bottom pockets on the shirt with my seam ripper.

Goodbye extra pockets!

After taking both pockets off, I took the whole piece in to make it fit me! From the sleeves, to the body of the shirt, I brought it in a few inches. I think the fasten your seatbelt sign is about to light up!

Day 173 - After

Kind of looking like this now...

This is your captain speaking

Oh I loved thee. You should have stuck to the planes. Not the submarines.

In Lapidus We Trust!

Three days down. And then there were three.