Day 172. 193 days and $190 left togo.

LOST WEEK!! It's Day Two of LOST Week and just four more to go. Gettin' closer to the end friends!

Like I said yesterday, Sawyer will be making daily appearances in new outfits just like me...

Sawyer in a Denim Shirt

...and today is rocking the blue in a pair of distressed, more like overly-distressed, jeans. I'll let him off the hook just because maybe those were the only pair of jeans he could find in all of the beach debris after Oceanic Flight 815 crashed into the sand?

Distressed jeans must have been in one of those suitcases

Today we begin here...

Day 172 - Before

This had elements (like very, very, very slim elements) that made me want to do a little recreation of the new dress that Kate Austen got in "The Glass Ballerina" episode back in the third season.

Kate's (Evangeline Lilly) Brand New Dress!

She looks light and dainty and it was the really flowy/crinkled skirt part of my piece that got me thinking. It looks nothing like what Kate's does right this sec, but just wait. Like "the others"... guess what else is coming? Yep, new dress.

My first plan of attack - the sleeves. I trimmed them both off by cutting diagonally from the waist all the way up to the neck.

Later sleeve :)

Next plan of attack was cutting a large amount of the width off (goodbye excess crinkled material from the skirt) and stitching up the new sides of the skirt. I also closed up the body of the dress and stitched the raw edging around my sleeveless arm holes.

Sewing down raw edges around the arms

I cut down the center of the dress, pinned each new edge down, and sewed it into place to make a V shape.

Gimme a V!

It was all beginning to fall into place. I was left with the below...

Extra, extra!!

...which will go into my growing piles slash bags of excess fabric. Before the dress was completely finished, I took some black ribbon and tied little bows on each newly made strap and threw my ropelike belt (Goodwill find a few years back) around my waist. Thoughts now??

Day 172 - After

I mean, the colors are different but I'm feeling light, dainty, and flowy just like Kate!

Maybe not as dainty here, per the manual labor...

On the agenda today was some visiting with my new little friend, Lady M.

Marisa & Baby M

See, I just held Lady M and didn't leave my chair unlike Kate, who took Claire's baby Aaron from the island and lied to the world claiming he was hers.

Kate & Aaron

I know, I know, it was all in his best interest, but I don't plan on taking Lady M anywhere without the permission of her parents :)

If I were still stuck on that island, I'd definitely be doing this.  Everyday.  I'd be bald by now.

Two days down. And then there were four...