Day 169. 196 days and $193 left togo.

I'm in a total summer vibe - really craving some tropical action and unfortunately I'm not headed to LAX and there isn't a plane waiting to whisk me off to Kona. So, the closest I was going to get was through my ensemble. Day 169 - Before

Shocking pink hibiscus flowers on a fabulously vintage Hawaiian dress!! The dress was so overwhelmingly electric pink that a little adjustment was necessary. It was like watching 3D in this dress and 3D gives me headaches.

My main step today was going from dress to top.


Out came the scissors and off came a foot of fine floral fabric. (What's up, alliteration, say hey to your mother for me.) And after a quick mend to the raw edge, the piece was finished! I unbuttoned the top two buttons and my shirt said, "Aloha!"

Day 169 - After

Not only am I craving some luau festivities...

Party time!!

But, I'm also craving one of these as well to wear around my neck...

Lei Me!

...and one of these to hold in my hand.

Yummy to look at and yummy to sip!

At least I can make the third one happen from the comforts of my home :)