Day 168. 197 days and $194 left togo.

It's been a slightly hectic weekend so far, so I wanted to pick something more calming to wear today. Opted to go against the 60s mod über bright colored dress (which I will absolutely use very soon) and go with a light palette of blues along with some flowers. Day 168 - Before

It reminded me of Monet's Iris and his lovely color schemes...

Claude Monet's Nympheas - 1914-17

Today's piece was reminiscent, just without the lily pads.

The button clasp had come undone, so my first job on this puppy was to reattach it. I took a needle and some thread and began to stitch the end of the clasp back into the side seam to hide my handiwork.

Clasp Fixer-Upper

My next adjustment was taking the dress in - I brought it in on both sides from the arms down to the bottom of the dress about two inches. It made it more fitted, but without taking away the flowyness.

To completely finish the piece, I used some of my excess "Purple Rain silk" from Day 164, and cut a strip from the leftover.

New sash here I come!

A sash to match perfectly with the purples in the dress was on the horizon. The end product?

Day 168 - After

A lovely, more fitted and relaxed dress for my Saturday :) As I was clearly in art mode and unfortunately didn't make it to the LACMA today (even though I was driving my face off all around its' Mid-City LA vicinity) I went to for a little artistic assistance.

Cartoon Marisa!

Kind of obsessed with my cartoonized me :) I reminds me of the last time I went the cartoon route when I "Simpsonized" myself a few years back when the movie was coming out.

Simpsonized Marisa!

I mean, my lips only reach that shade of red after a few glasses of vino and my's just so thick!! Those Simpsons animators really know how to make a girl happy.