Day 170. 195 days and $192 left togo.

This is what I'd like to call my marsupial dress. I gots a big, big pouch attached but just no pockets to put the hands in. If there were some sort of holders for my hands, I'd be a little less harsh. But there are not, so guess what? Hello harsh! Day 170 - Before

And let me say this - I don't care how tiny or how big you are, a bulky amount of bubbly material around the waist is not something anyone really wants! Don't need the "are you preggo" question yet, so that fabric donut has to go :)

Day 170 - Before (from the back!)

So first up on the agenda was taking the dress apart.

Beginning the cut...

I cut the top off from the bottom bubbly skirt and was left with two separate pieces.

Post cut!

Once they were detached, I had to get rid of these...

Literally bigger than my hand!

After the pads were removed, I took the top part from the dress and stitched up the raw edging. Next I turned it around so those fab...ric covered buttons were in the front and buttoned the top one. Those bagalicious sleeves were pushed up over my elbows and a little bolero was created that worked perfectly over my tank top.

Day 170 - After

We went from Bubble City to Sleek Harbor all in a few easy steps.

Day 170 - After (from the back)

No more Captain Kangaroo, that's for sure!!