Day 167. 198 days and $195 left togo.

OK, this before pic is rather genius... Day 167 - Before

It's like I'm in a big clown dress, just sans a rainbow wig and red nose. There is this weird ruffle collar with some crazy long sash to tie at the neck which was just not happening. Plus with the polka-dotted fabric, it was all very, very wrong.

First thing's first - I had to get rid of the ruffles as well as that sash around the neck. I used my seam rippers to take it all out.

The leftovers!!

Once that was done, I cut the sleeves in half and shortened up the length.

Later skirt!

Then a little bit of seam ripping down the front of the dress...

V Neckin'

...brought a little V-neck action to fruition! After those three tweaks, I put the dress on and used the sash that was around the neck as a belt.

Day 167 - After

This one turned out fabulous!! Loved the length and the new dropped neckline. I paired a vintage gold tassel necklace from eBay that fit perfectly right in the center of the V as well as my brown sandals. Just the thing to meet up with girlfriends for happy hour.

I went with the Delirium...


Nothing beats a delish Belgium brew and it was the drink that we started and ended the night with. Today Happy Hour carried us all the way to last call...

Robot time!

...where I feel the need to dance the robot. As some old school 80s tunes jammed in the background like, The Mary Jane Girls' "In My House", I just had to bring the moves. If you were there, you would have been dancing alongside me.

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)