Day 166. 199 days and $196 lefttogo.

Summer dress time today friends! It was pretty warm so I dug into the stash of pieces that I've been holding onto for the July/August files. I was sweating just driving in my car, so the summer dress was totally valid today. Day 166 - Before

Such a cute floral print and I loved the flutter sleeves. This dress had lots of elastic but since my hands got to it many, many years after creation, the elastic was worn out. You know when super old rubber bands get that weird, hard consistency and crack instead of stretch? That was going on here. On top of the worn out elastic, the straps and body of the dress was on the larger side, so I began pinning and taking in.

I detached both straps first with the assistance of my seam ripper.

Straps On, Straps Off!

Before I reattached, I took the dress in from the back.

So long pocket!

I had a lot to sew - there were many inches taken away - so the pockets couldn't be saved :( No biggie though, I reattached the straps and the dress was in tip-top shape.

Day 166 - After

It's fitted now and ready for my hot car and a little James Taylor & Carole King action.

Group Shot!!

Such a wonderful night of excellent company, pre-show picnicking, and sitting under the stars of Los Angeles singing along to "I Feel the Earth Move." An awesome way to ring in the almost-summer temperatures we've been seeing!

I close my eyes at night. Wondering where would I be without you in my life

"Wondering where would I be without you in my life." (Would be home watching 30 Rock on my couch this Thursday night.)

"I want to stop and thank you baby." (Yes, many thanks to the lovely MW and her parents for the evening!)

"I just want to stop and thank you baby." (Ooh, and can't leave out that heckler in the row behind us. Thank you too!)

"How sweet it is to be loved by you." (Well they don't even know me, so I'm not sure how much they love me, but I can say this for sure. I heart CK & JT.)