Day 165. 200 days and $197 left togo.

Before we begin, I must say how slightly horrified I am of my before pic. I usually check each one out before moving on to other before pics, but somehow I glided over this one. I'm pointing at my neck to show how tight it is, but the rest of it is one hot mess :) Day 165 - Before

The big ish was the tight neck. There was no way that I'd be able to maintain breathing if I were to keep it as it was, so we cut it. Before the neck came the's shirt time!!

Detatch that skirt!

I got to chopping and that excess material, which is totally pleated, will make an awesome head scarf in the coming weeks. Will keep you posted. I did take my seam ripper and began some de-seamming action down the front of my new top.

Clearing some room for the neck!

After that got handled, the shirt was pretty much on point. Just two small tweaks and we were rocking and rolling!!

Day 165 - After

Yep, in honor of LP's 31st year it was out to the sports bar tonight. And who doesn't love bar lobbys with arcade games, especially ones where you can GRAB LIVE LOBSTERS...wha?!?!?


Seriously? I've never seen this before ever, but guess what? $6 went to the lobstah grabbing claw game because what birthday girl wants, birthday girl gets.

I also could not resist taking a picture in front of my favorite person who I've never met before ever who was literally dancing all over the place, music or not, in white jeans. She had many a drink, making her the life of the party...

Lady in white jeans!

After hanging out on bar stools watching Wacked Out Sports on the Versus network, the night came to the close with a little "Superstition" sung along with in-house live karaoke band, some broads holding guns...

Put your dukes up!

and some Jameson shots on the house...


I can only hope my bday is just as fantastic.