Day 159. 206 days and $203 left togo.

They call me mellow yellow. Yep, feeling the post-Cinco/'rita vibe this lovely Thursday and wanted to go a little more relaxed. No bright colors, no bold patterns...easy and breezy on the agenda today and nothing says that more than a linen dress.

Day 159 - Before

Now this linen dress was a bit problematic - it was big, it had a non-centered triangle at the collar, and the elastic on the waist was pulled and worn out. It was a messy trifecta, so each individual ish had to be handled. First, I cut the dress in half as I was just going to go with the top today.

Chop Chop!!

We'll worry about the skirt another day. Now the back of the dress had buttons going up and down it which gave me the idea to make that the front of the piece instead of the back. Cropped jacket, here I come!! With the weirdly placed yellow triangle facing the back of the piece, I was no longer bothered, and actually began to like the new placement. I then rehemmed the bottom of my new jacket and took in the sleeves and body just a little bit to make it ready for my day, to enjoy a little afternoon lunching, and to chillax. Yep, haven't used that word since 1992.

Day 159 - After

I threw on my navy jersey tank top that I got at Old Navy a few years back and my fabulously worn in Citizens of Humanity jeans with a hole in the knee which felt like I was wearing pj's.

Ooh, and I love that it reminds me of MK and Ashley Olsen's Elizabeth & James white blazer version that is coming out this summer season.

Elizabeth and James' version

The only real difference aside from the thin collar, sleeve length, and solo button is that my version is $394 less. And to be honest, I'm extremely on board with that - I mean, I love the Olsen twins but I don't have their bank roll. Plus, mine has an extra bit of flair too...


Rocking the triangle from the back actually feels pretty cool. It's that unexpected extra bit of detail that works in this location, whereas in the before pic, it's the only thing you were looking at. It felt like a sailor-y, 1st grade dress that I easily could have worn in 1986, but I am not six nor watching Sesame Street...well, with any regularity :)