Day 158. 207 days and $204 left togo.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!! It's slightly necessary to eat Mexican food today in celebration, but let's get real...I could eat Mexican food everyday, so being "forced" to partake isn't really an issue. Good think my cooking club was planned for this evening and I don't think you need to know what the theme was :) I decided to go with a festive and pattern-y dress for the evening ahead...

Day 158 - Before

It actually felt like a wall tapestry, but one with pockets! I had a bit of fun as I was prepping the before pics to see if my head could fit in the armhole. And guess, what??


lt did!! But, we're going to get rid of the sleeves all together, so this will be the last time these puppies appear. My thoughts for the dress are to keep it long, but do some sleeve tweaking and bringing in!

I took my seam ripper and began to undo the stitches connecting the sleeves, however as that was taking a bit too long, I just ripped it with my BEAR (intentionally misspelled & a little joke and shout out to the BEAR club!) hands.

Detatching sleeves from dress!

Once the sleeves were gone, I stitched the open sides together and made brand new holes to stick my arms through. Unfortch, these won't fit my head in them.

I then had to get to taking in the rest of the dress. I know I mentioned earlier that there were pockets, however they weren't going to be saved today. I brought it in four/five-ish inches on both sides to make it a bit more fitted, but still allowed for the comf factor. And the end product?

Day 158 - After

Hello "time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo" dress! Our fiesta was held at the fabulous MW's abode which most recently was featured on the cover of House Beautiful. Yeah, it's pretty incredible (and she's a design genius) so in honor, I shot in front of one of my fave parts of her place - the entry way with shell wall hangings.

Same lovely hall :)

After picture time, it was time for some glorious grubbin'. I have to say how impressed I am at each one of our gatherings as everyone creates such delish eats - the MW's went with rice/tortilla soup, JK made some ridiculous rice pudding and JS's stuffed peppers that were unreal.

Rice & Stuffed Peppers!

Yummy eats, pomegranate cocktails with drink umbrellas, and leis around our necks. No pepper eating contests, but we did discuss the best way to stop your fingers from burning after cutting them without gloves. Close enough.


Hope you all had a fun Cinco, be it with cervezas, guacamole, Taco Bell, or checking out Chad Ochocinco on some Dancing With the Stars recaps!! Olé!!