Day 160. 205 days and $202 left togo.

My pick for today was one that was feeling rather pioneer-y when I first came across it. I showed a friend the before pic and the words that left their mouth..."you ready to start a fire without matches in that dress?" Yeah, hard to mock as I totally agree. Day 160 - Before

Extremely plain and simpleton and I'm not really ready to do any log chopping.

First it's time to get rid of that attached white fabric in the neck. It's like a faux camisole/T-shirt underneath the dress which is just not happening. Kinda like these dickies...

I mean seriously!?!?

...which I totally wore in middle school beneath my staple college sweatshirt wardrobe (I can literally see the grey Vanderbilt sweatshirt with one of these white puppies underneath). Where were the fashion police then? Better question - why couldn't I just wear the entire turtleneck? Still baffled by that one.

With my seam rippers, the fabric began to come loose. (And, pardon the band-aid on my finger - a little battle wound from slicing up onions for Cinco.)

Detatch time!

Once the fabric came out, next came the lace collar.

And onto the crocheted collar

As it was in between two layers of fabric, I took out the seam, removed the lace, pinned the fabric back together, and resewed a brand new seam, sans the lace.

We're getting closer!! Remember that large, super 80s belt that came with the dress? Yeah, that wasn't going to be used at all, so I had to get rid of the sewn on belt loops.

So long belt loops!

Once those were gone, and then the shoulder pads were snipped out...

Zee Remnants

...the outfit was totally ready to wear!

Day 160 - After

I left everything else as it was. The sleeve length was lovely and the dress actually fit me rather nicely! I had a deeper V working now and my hands were completely content resting in the fab pockets from a day of lots of thread removal.

TGIF! Happy weekend friends :)