Day 151. 214 days and $211 left togo.

Happy Humpday!! Each week Wednesday never fails to be a good day - the weekend is around the corner, there's always a totally discussable episode of TV to discuss (LOST as of late), and it's the one day where I get home early enough for a hike in the canyons (love daylight at 6:30!). Any fun mid-week bits to share? Perhaps this came up, but we were chatting about Sandra Bullock's new baby around the water cooler (ie. delicious bin of honey twist pretzels) and trying to figure out how she hid him so well for the past few months... OK, so to today's pick...this dress could literally have been a pillowcase with straps on it.

Day 151 - Before

I loved everything about this dress except for the size. The red flowers were sewn on (not a print in the fabric itself) and the red polka dotted stripes were darling. This was handcrafted by somebody at some point years ago, and I'm going to give it a second life, which makes me like it even more :)

My main goal was to tighten this up, so I took in a few inches from both sides. Starting at the top and under my arms, I pinned the amount I wanted to take in all the way to the bottom of the dress on both sides. There was even one pocket that existed, but I sacrificed that pocket for the fittedness of the piece which was totally worth it. After taking it in, it was pretty much good to go!

Day 151 - After

Voila! Now this was a lighter white material, so I ended up wearing nude bike shorts underneath. Classy right? They're kind of like Spanx, except they were a Target find (super cheap!) and work splendidly underneath things that you'd rather not see through. Works better than a slip if you ask me - a totally awesome piece to keep around in the "proper undergarment box that will assist in not giving others a peep show."

Close up on the fittedness!!

And before I took off, I grabbed my Day 6 sweater and quickly posed for my close up :)

Paired with my Day 6 find...

I loved the mixed patterns and the red in the sweater really came out when it was paired with the dress. PS, this has been one of my most comfy-est outfits to date. Secretly may or may not just wear this as my pajamas this evening - just sayin'.